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Sep 15, 2010 11:35pm PDT
♪ >> reporter: say the name ella fitzgerald to a teen, you'll get a blank stare. billie hollholliday they'll ask, who is he? but nikki not only knows the jazz great ss, she might be one of them. ♪ who can ask for anything more ♪ >> reporter: a tv audience of 3 billion people watched her sing at the opening ceremony of the olympics. ♪ o canada ♪ >> reporter: she had a number one song in her home country of canada. ♪ i believe in the power that comes ♪ >> reporter: with a voice that would leave simon cowell speechless. >> i don't consider myself to be a big deal. i'm just nikki, you know? >> reporter: we spent a day on the town with the 16-year-old and her mom. and, at every turn she found musical inspiration beyond her years. >> billie holliday is playing. >> reporter: you have an ear for it? >> it's disticket. it's like leal, you hear it once and you know it's her. and her time is so good. nobody has time like that. >> reporter: this ability came early to nikki. she's been singinging since age 11. then, at 12, a music teacher turned her onto jazz. she learned
Sep 2, 2010 6:00pm EDT
opened back in 1910. it helped launch the careers of artists such as pearl bailey and ella fitzgerald and many more. a new venue and conference verpt. the officials along with representatives from live nation broke ground today on the new fillmore silver spring today. the new 34,000 foot facility will bring music and entertainment acts to the downtown silver spring area that is being built behind the old j.c. penney facade. the silver spring location will be able to seat 5,000 to 10,000 people. >>> in manassas, virginia, plans to open an adult themed store in the old town area has riled some community leaders. they stay store will ruin the wholesome environment they've worked very hard to create there. the store owner says her shop is being unfairly judged. julie carey has more on this. >> reporter: old town Ñimanassa local leaders have spent hundreds of thousands to make it family friendly. that's why some are alarmed to learn, this new store opening soon will feature adult items. the window promises dvds, lotions, lingerie and more. they've called a community meeting. >> it is a bi
Sep 10, 2010 7:00am EDT
saint albu ss albusans, but musical giants like miles davis, ella fitzgerald, sports legends like joe lewis, jackie robinson and the sultan of swat, babe ruth lived. then, of course, one of the most famous of them all -- i said most famous of them all -- the sultan of other? ♪ ♪ welcome back ♪ >> hey, there! hi! how's it going? >> another great day. >> fantastic! >> who is that? >> kind of strange. >> you know, i used to work at a shoprite just around the corner here. they're going to love to see me when i try to recreate my first job. how am i going to recreate my job if there's no -- that will do. ooh! they await! as i head into my first job at western beef. hi. al roker, ready to work. >> are you here to work or here to play? >> i'm here to work. let's do it. >> let's see what you've got. >> work with groceries, come on. this is it. >> can i get some cheese, a quarter pound of cheese? >> quarter pound of cheese. western beef american yellow, white, bores head white, domestic swiss, would you like alpine laced american, alpine laced provolone -- >> wait, wait, wait. i didn't a
Sep 15, 2010 8:00pm EDT
, ella fitzgerald, ray charles, tony bennett, sarah vaughn, luther vandross, among so many others, but this house has time restraints, so there is not enough time to mention all of them. but additionally, paul has appeared as an actor in many movies and a favorite on television shows. he was one of the most frequent guests on johnny carson's tonight show." he had the most contagious sense of humor and audiences would smile because you just knew you were going to laugh. you knew you were going to laugh with him in the room. on one such occasion he was a guest on "the tonight show" with burt reynolds. the chemistry was hilarious and burt called paul and wanted to deal with paul with johnny carson and pat mccormick and sali fields and jackie gleeson and others to make a movie and the fun they had came across from the screen to the audience which made it one of the most successful movies in history. it was called "smokeee and the band it." paul said billy bob thornton told him in the south "smocky and the bandit" isn't considered a movie but a documentary. though some identified him a
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)